"The Lead.Serve.Win Addiction"

The Lead.Serve.Win Addiction

Snap out of complacency with the norm and catapult your life's success with these 7 high performance life strategies.  

Get addicted to the process and monetize your unique win.

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Celebrate The Things That Make Us ONE

About This Global Book

This book celebrates all the fun, funny, interesting and peculiar things that make us ONE.  Closer.  Similar.  Uniquely United.  

Too many times in life, we are quick to point out our differences rather than our commonalities.  

Let me take you on a journey to all of the many countries I've been to:  China, Japan, Turkey, many places in Europe, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Sweden, Switzerland, Budapest and many more.  Let's not forget tales of my childhood in Michigan and Canada. 

This is a must read for those that like poetry, want to experience different cultures, and those interested in exploring the cool things that make us unique yet closer to being the same than we may think.


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This is a book of poetry for adults and children alike.  Order your copy today!  

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