"Soaring With Eagles" Radio Show

Edgy - Controversial - Empowering


Tired of sitting in the nest, then JUMP and soar like the Eagles - Learn the good and the not so good from millionaires and billionaires – Eagle Style

Business Taboos & The New Norms in 90 Seconds

Money Rules – Monetizing Triumphs & Mistakes

Transformational Leaders – My 1st $Million Raw Talk 

Sexy Community Service – The LEAD SERVE WIN  


Frank Shankwitz - Founder of Make a Wish Foundation and the inspiration for the new feature film WISH MAN coming to theaters world-wide in 2019.


Ryan Garey - Think In Systems Entrepreneur teaching, coaching and transforming the lives of his clients to richly live the life they love.

CEO Joel Barthelemy and Patrick LaVoire from GlobalMed and Krystylle L. Richardson - Telemedicine radio show about Ghana Africa medical missions with devices from from GlobalMed featuring discussions on VIRTUAL BUSINESS.

Soaring with Real Estate.

Financial Advise - Why WEALTH Management is important even if you are just getting started in your first job or about to retire.

Tammy Lane with FACEBOOK FAUCET - The right way to use FB for profit.

Do You Want The Job or Not - Stats and Tips from Hiring Managers that YOU SHOULD KNOW and act on.

The importance of FOCUS and PATIENCE.

ECHELON Leadership Institute - SpotLight - Getting a HEAD START on your EDGE.

Soaring with Work Life Balance and how religion plays a huge part in that - WHY CHAPLAINS should or should not be in the workplace.

And many more Transformational Eagles!

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