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 After almost 40 years of being global executives and consultants across numerous industries, we decided to use that knowledge to catapult you and your dreams AND inventions to the NEXT LEVEL. Now, we share our passion by helping others make their dreams a reality. 

Our EMPOWER NOW process is designed to partner our talents and resources with yours and utilize them for your short and long term success. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, BE your back-office team, or BUILD & TRAIN your team.  Let us help and put you on a solid track to success AND profit.  SOME KEY AREAS BUT NOT LIMITED TO:  Business start ups 101; Exploring the type of business that is right for your vision; Business and Marketing planning using BuildThatBiz proprietary models and Canvas; Brainstorming your business name, branding, with personnel to design, build and manage your website and social media; Work life balance business coach; How to LEAN your business, CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems that fit you now and that are expandable; Building Your "A" Team that fits you; When to manufacturer in the U.S. vs Overseas; Positioning your company for JV's and Exit Strategies & more.  

YOUR road to success has no limits! 

The BuildThatBiz approach is creative, limitless and effective! Check out this website for more on how we can serve you! 

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Give Back Opportunities "Time2Serve"

Give Hope Luncheons


Once a month luncheons for the homeless and families in need.  Ask how to volunteer, ask how to donate, ask how to serve.  CURRENT NEED: 501c3 Cash donations needed to Full Color Movement Int'l see, food and transportation for deliveries.

Dignity Purity Packets


When that time of the month comes for homeless women what can they do?  They need supplies, they need a way to maintain their dignity.   CURRENT NEED: 501c3 Cash donations needed to Full Color Movement Int'l see, need women volunteer groups to put packets together. 

Foreign Missions


This year Oct 2018 Ghana medical mission and VBS.    CURRENT NEED: 501c3 Cash donations needed to Full Color Movement Int'l see, call to donate medical supplies, shoes, games 480-227-9743

Echelon Leadership Institute


Don't waste time being ordinary, live the novaturient life.  Learn business skills, leadership strategies, global thinking, problem solving, financial literacy and more.   CURRENT NEED: 501c3 Cash donations needed to Full Color Movement Int'l see for scholarships for inner city youth to attend this transformational program - see details on

Food Box Stop


Those in need can not concentrate on learning life skills if they are hungry.  Help support our twice a month Food Box Stop!   CURRENT NEED: 501c3 Cash donations needed to Full Color Movement Int'l see, volunteers to assemble boxes, need food and box donations.  Give cash donations for our 5,000 cans - canned food drive and/or set up a box at your business to have your employees bring canned goods to donate during December.

Empowerment 4 Homeless


Educate, Enlighten, Empower.  Educators, we need you to help facilitating and deploy our curriculum.  Businesses, we need you to join our list of Care Companies...those that are willing to employ people trying to make a better life for themselves and their families.  Salaries under this program can be tax deductible through Full Color Movement International.  Ask how and partner with us to put a dent in homelessness.