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Krystylle L. Richardson



Krystylle L. Richardson has been described as: A Leadership Expert, Driven, Brilliant, Gifted, an Amazing Business Coach, an Innovative Thinker and a true Leader! Krystylle is a sought after international business-transformation consultant, inspirational speaker, mentor, life-coach, a published author, recording artist, engineer, choreographer, pastor, awarded humanitarian and missionary.


Krystylle is often requested as a keynote speaker, inspirational speaker, trainer, coach, mistress of ceremony (MC), announcer, school assembly motivational speaker, guest speaker at church events and more.  Her "GET-UP-AND-DO Demonstrations" have always left audiences getting the maximum impact out of her speaking engagements.  She always finds a unique way to get audiences excited, engaged and empowered to remember the key concepts and tools for use long after the events.


LEAD “One word describes Krystylle’s work performance, work ethic and dedication … BRILLANT! She can succeed in anything she desires; she is a Rock Star!” Tom M., BMT

LEAD “Krystylle’s effectiveness comes through in the practical implementation of her plans tailored to each individual situation, and not just limited to her theoretical knowledge.” G. S., Entrepreneur

LEAD “Krystylle Richardson has captured the essence of the power of next generation leadership. Her training as outlined in her book significantly impacted out ministry and we are grateful for her as a necessary gift to the Body of Christ.” Bishop Bertrand Russell Fountain of Life House of Worship Phoenix AZ

SERVE “Krystylle’s Give Hope initiatives pairs a great need, feeding the homeless, with people who want to meet that need but don’t have the logistics. The youth at our church were challenged and blessed to serve.” Dr. Vidalia B., Inventor

SERVE “My heart was touched after hearing her speak about the homelessness. Whatever you can do to support please do. You can trust Krystylle, I do. She is doing some wonderful work.  “Tamara H., Chemo Buddies For Life

WIN “Krystylle has an amazing ability for speaking and can help people with all aspects of their business. What I love also is that she has a business with a social aspect to it. She is amazing.” Don M., CEO Contour Leadership

WIN “Build That Biz gave me a fresh perspective and valuable insight, along with solid workable solutions.” Kim M., Derail Diabetes

WIN “Oh my gosh!!! Partnering with Krystylle and Build That Biz has just been amazing for my business. Krystylle took a look at all facets of my business and helped me look at the opportunities and the challenges. The energy she puts into what she does for you is as if it were her own business. Brilliant ideas!” Angel Marie M., Shine On! Movement

LEAD: She is the founder and CEO of E.L.I. Echelon Leadership Institute teaching youth and adults in the public and private sector key leadership skills for global business success. Krystylle does this with business executive boards, pastors, teachers, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Her insightfulness and ability to translate her client’s thoughts into winning strategies has been described as brilliant, genius and simply WOW! She teaches her Lead, Serve, Win philosophies and implementation tools in conferences, in small groups, at her training center as well as with one-on-one coaching. 

SERVE: She along with her husband Ben are founders of Full Color Movement International a multi-dimensional nonprofit organization.  Their heart for people and passion to serve, has earned their organization international recognition for serving thousands locally and internationally. They provide unique and creative opportunities for hundreds of volunteers to give back and to genuinely and tangibly be the difference they want to see in the world. 

WIN: In this book, Krystylle defines the many fascists of the word “win” while tapping into the use of life’s lessons as crucial inputs. She utilizes the concepts of mindfulness, momentum and understanding our relationship with and use of money while teaching how to monetize our ideas short and long term. She also gives insight on how individuals and teams in corporations or start-ups can define and live their win with passion and purpose. 

Join the Lead.Serve.Win momentum today.

fullcolormovement.com, buildthatbiz.com, g3qara.com

email g3qara@gmail.com or call 480.227.9743 or see Krystylle Richardson on LinkedIn

Mottos that Krystylle lives by:

"Never be afraid to do what is needed to STEP UP your leadership game.  If you don't someone else will."

"Life is too short for us to WASTE TIME being ORDINARY. Live the NOVATURIENT Life!" Krystylle L. Richardson 

"Life's most urgent question is - what are we doing for others." Martin Luther King Junior

“We must carry the flag for those who cannot, we must pray, we must serve, we must BE the difference.” Krystylle Richardson 


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